Friday, August 29, 2008

The Two Sides Of My Heart

My heart soars
as your wobbly little legs
begin to take you places.

Your two feet
now carry you to explore
new things and new faces.

I swell with pride
as you stumble and get back up
to keep on walking for awhile.

Your little face
shows all and I can measure
your delight by your big smile.

My heart weeps
for your weight no longer
snuggled so close to my hip.

You'll go where
you want now and not wait
for me to make that trip.

Whenever I can
I'll make sure to cuddle you
and hold you a little tighter.

But I know
you'll be fine when not in my arms,
you are strong and such a fighter.

You're quickly learning
the world is an awfully big place
that's open to explore.

Yet you always
look to make sure you see me
just in case you need me more.

I know someday
you'll stop looking back
and be confident finding your own way.

My hands will
wait to hold you when
you take a break from all your play.

And then you'll
go back to where you were
wiping off the kiss that I just stole.

The two sides
of my heart will know
it's you that make them whole.
~Kate Miller '08

Thank you for indulging me. I'm feeling a little nostalgic over this latest milestone in our lives. It's been a long time since we've had a walker without another one waiting to be held in the wings.

And, now I'm off to finish up my master menu plan. I feel much better. What did I ever do before I had this outlet?


Sarah 12:45 AM  

That was beautiful! It brought tears to my eyes...they grow so fast and sometimes i wish we could hold them just a littl longer.

What a touching poem, thank you for sharing.

Anonymous,  1:08 AM  

Very sweet! Our babies seem to be on nearly the same "schedule."

Joy @ Five Js 10:07 AM  

Kate, that was awesome!

Michele 1:06 PM  

I've known that nostalgia, recently, too.
What a beautiful tribute.


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