Monday, August 04, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook - 8/4

FOR TODAY August 4, 2008...
Outside My Window...
There are at least 50 birds pecking through the grass of our condominium's common area, which doubles as our wonderfully large backyard.
I am thinking...
It is going to be an interesting week with our oldest not home. I am going to miss my helper! But, I also plan on taking advantage of this opportunity to spend some wonderful quality time with the younger 3 children, and to get a better grasp on our lesson plans for school, which we'll be starting up after Labor Day.
I am thankful for...
My family, who have planned a marvelous, fun-filled week for Isabelle.
From the kitchen...
I am going to be making lemon bars today, and I hope to fit in a big baking session at some point this week. I'd love to get most of my baking for the month done so that I have more free time and so that we don't have to turn the oven so often.
I am wearing...
Tan cargo capris and a brown and tan t-shirt
I am creating...
A grocery list for the month and a list of fun activities to tackle with the kids throughout the month as part of the Happy To Be At Home August challenge: Face Time With The Kids.
I am going...
Hopefully we'll make it to the library for their used book sale today. We might go to the grocery today if I get my list finished, otherwise we'll wait until tomorrow. On Friday we are going to our town's annual summer art festival. We have been looking forward to this all year!
I am reading...
These High Green Hills by Jan Karon, Home Schooling From Scratch by Mary Potter Kenyon, and Finding Stephanie by Susan May Warren
I am hoping...
Isabelle has a wonderful trip and that the younger kids don't miss her too much.
I am hearing...
Nothing yet. The house is still quiet.
Around the house...
It's Monday, so there is laundry that needs to be caught up on. I need to wash the sheets on all of the kids beds. I also need to find a permanent home for the 20 notebooks we bought this weekend for $1.
One of my favorite things...
Walking around the art festival with my family and walking through the Civil War encampment along the banks of the Huron River. Enjoying our quaint downtown area and sitting down for a cup of coffee and people watching with my husband and children (who are learning to appreciate the art form that is people watching).
A few plans for the rest of the week...
We're going to have a busy but fun week. Hopefully we'll get our school books ordered and maybe even picked up this week.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...
This is the painting that is being used on the Art Festival advertising. This is our Main Street.

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Mrs. Trixi 9:58 AM  

It sounds like you have some great things going on. I love the Happy to be at home challenge. Thanks for sharing.

kadezmom 3:24 PM  

How fun planning the curric. must be...all full of hope and promise of exciting things to learn.

Enjoy the three youngers thsi week!

MyJourneyBack 5:14 PM  

Oh I love the painting photo. Thanks for sharing. I would love to live someplace that has a homey main street like that. Kinda like Gilmour Girls.
The lemon bars sound yummy too. I am trying to visit everyone that post on Peggy's daybook meme. What a day to choose over 100 people! I am getting hungry reading everyones plans for baking.
Good luck with getting yours done. I know what you mean about the oven. It is hot here too!
Have a great day. I have a mere 90 blogs to read. LOL.
Come see me at my journey.

Michele 6:07 PM  

I always used to "envy" people that could wear capris. I just look like I outgrew my pants. :)

Hope you have a wonderful week with your littlest ones!


Amy 11:59 PM  

Your main street looks beautiful!

Lauren@ThingishThings 8:06 PM  

Lemon bars sound delicious! I love lemon!

Grandma Starr,  9:52 PM  

Great Daybook. I really like the painting....

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