Monday, August 18, 2008

New Baby Dolls for My Babies

This week, I am thankful for all things girlie. I love having little girls! Seeing their joy in new things never fails to take me back to my own joy at the same things as a child. It is such a remarkable experience.

On Sunday, all of the kids were given gifts from their grandpa. He and his sister just recently got home from a two week vacation where they drove all over the U.S. and stopped at all kinds of neat places on the way, including the city where they were born. In Colorado, Eric's aunt purchased some local gifts for each of the kids. Isabelle got a notebook and the book, My Friend Flicka. Alex got an Indian headdress and a sheriff's badge. Olivia and Gracie each got beautiful cloth dolls.

Gracie has just fallen in love with these dolls. She carries them all over the house and calls them both "baby." Olivia is sweet enough to let Gracie play with hers during the day (although at night time it is HER doll). All day long today, everywhere that Gracie went, the dolls were sure to go.

Eric and I have really enjoyed watching her play with them. Somehow, it makes her more grown up, which makes it a bit bittersweet, but it's still pretty cool.

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Amy 11:17 PM  

Those dolls (and YOUR little doll!) are precious!

Lauren @ Thingish Things 11:51 PM  

Those dolls are precious! How sweet.

Donna,  4:59 AM  

Oh how sweet!
Those are darling!
Bet your babies will treasure them for a long time!

Laura 8:52 AM  

Oh.....that is so SWEET!!! What a sweetie little girl you have. I LOVE dolls, always have! (It's a good thing I have neices!)

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