Wednesday, July 16, 2008

All Those Little Moments

I just love capturing little moments with my family. We have gotten very good at experiencing the joy that is all around us when we just take the time to open our eyes. We rarely do "flashy" things or extravagant outings. But we do do simple, and we make the most of every minute.

That pretty much sums up our day yesterday. We turned on the sprinkler out back, set up the water play table, and let everyone have at it. All 4 of the kids had the best time just playing in the water with each other. Even Gracie stood at the table and splashed in the water non-stop. The kids were having so much fun that our neighbor came and sat with Eric and I for awhile to watch the merriment. She even got sprayed a few times by an exuberant almost-4 year old boy, who shall remain nameless.

We were having such a good time that we decided to eat lunch outside also. We spread our outside blanket on the ground and ate our finger-food lunch off of 2 large community plates. We like to do this inside sometimes while watching a movie, but this was outside, which upped the fun factor enormously.

The one thing I did regret was that the camera was out of batteries. We could have gotten some great pictures! But since we didn't, here are some random picutres throughout the years for no good reason, other than I just feel like sharing some pictures.

This picture, while not the least bit flattering for Isabelle or myself, is one of my favorites. This was taken about 2 days after Alex was born. Isabelle had been begging to give him a bottle, and I had been pumping and bottle-feeding him to make sure he was getting enough to combat jaundice. So, here we are at his first feeding of the day. I don't remember how early it was, but judging from the way we both look, I'd say it's safe to assume it was pretty early.

Alex, around 10 months old, with a found treasure from the garbage can - the cover of a chocolate pudding pack.Olivia at 10 months, screaming for the camera.

My boys!
I love pictures of the kids in their pajamas. This is a favorite!

Gracie at 10 months. Eating can really tire a girl out sometimes!
Olivia showing off her championship tongue-curling skills, which she got from her dad.

I believe they were discussing something very important.


Michele 10:49 AM  

These are so cute! :) We keep forgetting to take the camera out with us lately, so we keep missing fun photo opportunities, too. Sigh. :)


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