Thursday, June 26, 2008

Frugal Tips for Replacing Your Carpet

My husband and I have spent the past few weeks getting our home (which is already on the market) ready to sell. Because of this, we needed to replace the laminate wood flooring in our master bedroom and back hallway with carpeting. Our goal was to get the best carpet we could while still maintaining our frugal mindset.

We researched all of our options and came up with a very affordable solution. For a grand total of $150, we were able to carpet both areas, as well as create a tiled entryway for our back door, plus $110 for installation.

The first thing we discovered was that we had a carpet remnant in our attic that had been saved from when our home was built. We measured it and realized that it was just short of being long enough to carpet our hallway. That was when we decided to create the tiled entryway. For $8.80, we purchased new self-stick tiles from Lowe's. This entryway is also a convenient idea because that carpet around the doorway always took a beating after the kids would come in from playing outside.

With the installation of the entryway, we were able to cut the remnant to be a perfect fit to carpet the remainder of the hallway.

For our bedroom, Eric researched and found a local carpet store that sells used carpeting. However, this is not just ordinary used carpet. We purchased a 12'x8' section of used carpet that had been used at the auto show. So essentially, this "used" carpet was only used for two weeks! We purchased this, as well as the used padding, for $141. The carpet is in perfect condition and you would have no idea that it was ever used before.

Even though the "new" carpet was a different shade than our original carpet, the shades complement each other very nicely. We couldn't be more pleased with how this whole project turned out.

For the installation, my husband has a business acquaintance who remodels homes and works with a guy who installs carpet on the side. He charged only $4/square yard to install. See who you know that may do something similar, or who knows somebody who knows someone else that does this. The savings really make it worth whatever time you spend in finding the best deal.

If you have a need for new carpeting, it is worth calling around to some carpet stores in your area to see if they sell used carpeting from convention centers, trade shows, or similar events. You receive virtually brand-new carpet for a very discounted used price. Also, if you are in a situation to do so, make sure you hold on to any original remnants. You never know when you might need them.

You can find more Frugal Friday tips and encouragement at Crystal's blog.


Lishak 1:46 AM  

Wow! What an innovative idea for your hallway! That's an awesome tip! :)

Laura 9:20 AM  

You guys did great! Looks great for a great price!

Teresa @ A Life At Home 12:44 PM  

Looks great, Kate. I just wanted to ask though. How did your hubby find a used carpet store? Is it listed in the yellow pages under used carpet? I would love to find something like this!

Michele 4:08 PM  

Wow- great finds! :) It looks beautiful!
I hope the house-selling process goes well for you.
Michele :)

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