Monday, May 19, 2008

Gratituesday: Family Pictures

This week I am so grateful for family pictures. When I was at my grandmother's wake last week, there were pictures everywhere. I loved seeing pictures of my grandma when she was newly married and a young mom. I was able to feel a connection with her just by seeing the way she held a hand or draped a protective arm. When we only know someone during one season of their lives, it is so hard to truly know the full person. It is not as if they dropped down from heaven a fully formed grandparent. Pictures allow us a glimpse into the past of someones life, a past that often times did not include us.

There were also many wonderful pictures of my grandparents together, as I remember them, from when I was a child. It was wonderful to look at them and be filled with all of those wonderful memories. Each picture became the starting point of a reminiscent-filled conversation with whomever was closest. And of course there were the pictures that included me as a child. (I won't go into the one with me in 3rd grade with the she-mullet hair cut!)

I am so thankful that we have this visual way of holding on to the past. I have a renewed desire to take as many pictures of my children as possible. I'd also like to see Eric and I make an effort to actually be in some pictures ourselves, even though neither one of us enjoy having our pictures taken or photograph well. Someday, our grandchildren and great-grandchildren may be able to find that same connection with us that I just found.

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Laura 8:09 AM  

You're so right! I remember seeing a picture of my grandma as a teenager playing some sport...and I was SO SHOCKED that she had ever, you around and played and gotten dirty! All of those pictures are SO special now.

Ooh, and I'm not very good about having pictures taked of Matt and me either. I should be better about that.

Nancy 9:19 AM  

Family photos are a treasure for generations to share. I'm good at taking photos but I need to improve when it comes to getting them in frames or albums!

Candace 3:45 PM  

Ha-ha. Hubby and I are never in the pictures either!

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