Friday, May 16, 2008

3 Moms, 3 Kitchens, 31 Days - Day 16, Dad Filling In

With Kate is out of state for a funeral I have the honor of filling in for her. For breakfast we had Dad's oatmeal (No pictures of the oatmeal due to the secret recipe.) For lunch we had tuna pasta with cheese crackers and fresh strawberries. Dinner tonight will be shepherd's pie.

We are having fun here but it sure will be nice to have Grace and Mama home! Kate will be home tomorrow and I hope to have everything done for her.

Don't forget to stop by Toni and Joy's blogs to see what they've been cooking up in their kitchens this week! Also, please stop in and join us tonight Friday, May 16th at 10pm EST for the second episode of 3 Moms, 3 Kitchens, 31 Days Live at Talkshoe. Leave a comment with your email address if you'd like an email invitation, or you can just click the button in my sidebar to join us.


Nancy 5:49 PM  

What a good husband! Nice job of filling in for Kate. I know she and Grace will be glad to get home too.

Laura 9:38 PM  

Sounds like you're doing a GREAT job! I'm totally impressed!

The Happy Housewife 10:39 AM  

Eric~ Great job holding down the fort. I am sure you all will be happy when Kate returns. Have a fun weekend!

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